Wednesday, December 19, 2007

check it twice

Really awful dinner companions may have heard about Gladwell's "misreading" of some point in The Bell Curve. Take your cue from Gladwell; what the Bell Curve authors actually do claim is "not, if you think about it, any less ridiculous" than what Gladwell had thought that they advocated. Maybe it would come up at the office party or something.

Remember Gawande on the ICU checklist? That might be good for some family gathering conversation. Benj liked that one too.

UPDATES: Kottke notes that evidence from the world of horse racing suggests that "Nuture is really kicking ass these days" and Roger Ebert's best film of 2007 is Juno. Good to know. See below.


Blogger Unknown said...

Remember the bit on Ira Glass & This American Life on TeeVee? The author was cooing about how "fresh" the concept of having a desk out in the middle of nowhere was..

Jeeze, none of these folks ever saw Monty Python's John Cleese's schtick of "now for something completely _____"? Get a grip!


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