Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grunge! Rinse. Repeat.

Courtney Love and Johnny Depp all in one issue? Is it Sassy? Is it 1991? No, it is this month's Vanity Fair.

But I always stop reading articles about Johnny Depp about half-way through. He's never really as interesting as the interviewer seems to think he is (even when that interviewer is Rimbaud-lovin' Patti Smith. Also, that was just in April!). You'd think this problem would be endemic to interviews with really attractive people, but it never hits me so hard as with old Johnny Depp. At this point, let's just say I admire his acting. I was also tickled, and completely convinced, when Tom & Lorenzo suggested that Johnny Depp has a body double do his airport appearances in Japan.

The Courtney Love thing, though, is amazing, in part because of herself, in part because the author, Nancy Jo Sales, is an amazing narrator. She just wrote that whole thing about the Quaids' conspiracy theories for VF and I'd read that, and that becomes part of this, and I'm pretty sure that celebrities with drug problems are a target for swindlers but I'm not interested because I'm sympathetic to these poor, defrauded celebrities. I'm interested because . . . I'm interested. A while back, Go Fug Yourself linked to Courtney Love on her own addictions and that was pretty compelling too.

I almost always like Nancy Jo Sales and the very wry attitude she takes towards her subjects. In my imagination she wrote a thing about the Hilton sisters and their mother and how awful she is for The New Yorker in the late 1990s and it appeared with a photo of the two girls in a (literally) chintzy hotel room. But, apparently, she wrote the article for VF in 2000 and The New Yorker ran the photo in 1999. And in that interview with the Hilton family, Paris claims to like Hole.

So, yeah. Vanity Fair has me and my very serious reading material pretty well figured out.

And all this during Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Retrospective week. It's like I'm back in that middle-school carpool listening to NPR.