Friday, February 24, 2006

feb 21, 1925 better late than pregnant, part 1 of 4

I read but did not read the pointed invitation from Emdashes to comment on the first ever issue of The New Yorker. I did see that she asked Squibs to take a gander, and I took a gander at Squib's excellent thoughts on language and humor. But I didn't really notice that I'd been tagged until Technorati pointed it out to me. Such a wonder, technology.

So, to introduce the first born son, I give you the best of the statement of purpose printed in the February 21, 1925 issue of The New Yorker:

"The New Yorker starts with a declaration of serious purpose but with a conomitant declaration that it will not be too serious in executing it."

"It will publish facts that it will have to go behind the scenes to get, but it will not deal in scandal for the sake of scandal nor sensation for the sake of sensation."

"It has announced that it is not edited for the old lady in Dubuque. By this it means that it is not of that group of publications engaged in tapping the Great Buying Power of the North American steppe region by trading mirrors and colored beads in the form of our best brands of hokum."

I wonder where it was first announced that it was not for the old lady in Dubuque. This has become a famous line and I'm sure I should Google it with all due respect.

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