Friday, January 18, 2008

new haven, ct and the return of the homocidal wife

Again with the sensational retrospective suspicion that the feminine half of the economic and creative partnership murdered the masculine half. An act for which Wikipedia has no word. But surely there is one, right? Or maybe there's just a word for this recurring paranoia I've read so much about. In the New Yorker.

Anyway, this time it is Mrs. Thomas Ince, otherwise known as Eleanor Kershaw. A passing reference in Dana Goodyear's "Chateau Scientology." Or maybe she just connived (Eleanor, not Dana).

But what about New Haven? Hotbed of lost or soon to be almost lost artifacts.

Cynthia Zarin, in the olde Oct 15 issue reports on a miniature that might or might not be of Lady Jane Grey and is now in the possession of the Yale Center for British Art. I would have liked it if Zarin had spent less time on the pop culture references and more time on the part where "her father (Jane's) sold her guardianship, for two thousand pounds, to Lord Thomas Seymour." So does that make her a bargain or a hot commodity?

And Burkhardt Bilger's heroic Alan Solomon, of "Mystery on Pearl Street" (Jan 7) finds himself staring at a portrait of architect Ithiel Town, hanging in the church on the New Haven green, as he (Alan) tries to interpret the significance of a heap o' bricks of uncertain provenance. Now avail as abstract and podcast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, Goodyear serves up a few good quotes in her porridge prose. Why are they wasting newshole on her?

She says nothing new about Scientology, and can't even manage an interesting rehash.

Please, Dana, go back to poetry.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous zp said...

Huh. I feel like this comment is a little mean-spirited.

9:27 AM  

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