Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i think my subscription has lapsed

Remember that cover? For the record, I didn't think it was funny.

It bothered me that so much of the defense of the cover insisted that you just had to take the cover in context - you had to know this and the other and then it was funny. Well, there were contexts in which it was not funny - if you knew this, that and some other other - and those contexts seemed just as important.

Also, I hated the teacherly position that so many folks took, explaining satire. I know what satire is, and I know when it is a useful political rhetoric.

What else is new? Oh, they've got Emily Gordon tied up in a basement (with internet access) over at Emdashes, and now Martin Schneider, Benjamin Chambers and the mad cartoonist are running the show. Link to a recent Gladwell thing that may be of interest.

Red Sex, Blue Sex was a little slight. We wanted more. Sex. Or more talk about not having sex.

And Herzberg's Karl the Marxist punchline awhile back just killed me! Ha! Ha!


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