Monday, February 22, 2010

Anthony Lane (and others) on Shutter Island

I think the New Yorker film reviews may just get on my nerves until the end of my days.

I loved Shutter Island. Loved it. The horror of watching a moral universe in which we can know and do wrong and right replaced - by force - with a remote island of personal, individual trauma? Noir for now.

But, apparently, no one else likes this movie, and I'm OK with that. What I'm not OK with is one more of those awful, awful references to Adorno. Anthony Lane, you should be ashamed!

A.O. Scott and Lane seem to agree that the film isn't serious enough to address the horrors of WWII. But it is. Plus Scott writes, "the plot [...] does not so much thicken as clog and coagulate." Just what I want. Actually, to be honest, Scott's who review had me grinning . . . we just didn't agree.

Also good: Gawker and its commentators, on "precious, twee hacks" and a great Thomas Mann/Marty and Leo analogy.



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