Sunday, July 03, 2005

i'm not particularly hot, but i can beat this

this is denby being interviewed by CNN, about his book American Sucker. honestly, i think that's a good title. fyi, i am NOT denby's ex-wife.



Blogger pmc said...

i think i'm replying to an oldish post, so maybe youve read american sucker by now, but i´m currently reading it.

it has its moments. but more than anything i think it might end up making for an interesting portrait of how the upper-middle class in the us thought about itself from the end of the clinton admin to what we've got now. surprisingly, he's strangely frank regarding sex. (eg. evidently he became addicted to porn after his wife left ["!", i said]).

however, i just finished oh the glory of it all which i thought was excellent, so denby had a lot to follow.

i like your site & hope you keep it up!

4:50 PM  
Blogger zp said...

Thanks for the 'Sucker' update. I still haven't read it and didn't plan to. Frankly, David Denby has become something of a straw man in my blog. I didn't mean for that to happen, but it did.

Also, you're not the first person who found the revelation of the porn addiction to be one of the most remarkable things about the book - I've heard this from a few people. Actually, this is the only thing I've heard about the book at all. Hmmm . . .

As for 'Oh the Glory of it All,' I've heard only good things and I love bio-memoir (it is, no?) so I'll be looking into that. Thanks for the suggestion . . .

2:32 PM  

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