Tuesday, January 31, 2006

tmi: meme 4 implodes on contact with intensely private and de-centered subject

Four movies I HAVE watched over and over (and to no academic purpose):

1. The Haunting (Robert Wise, 1963)
2. Persona (Ingmar Bergman, 1966)
3. Speed (Jan de Bont, 1994)
4. The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers, 1998)

Fine, good, no problem. I'm comfortable sharing this.

Four TV shows that I routinely sing the theme songs to:

1. M*A*S*H*
2. The Golden Girls
3. X-Files
4. Freaks and Geeks

Or if there aren't words to the theme song, I'm making strange, high-pitched, mimetic noises. Also, my feet dance as they are propped on the coffee table while I watch self-conscious . . . but it's not like I'm so secretive, you can check my all consuming lists. Except my film tag doesn't seem to be working properly. Dammit.

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Cioppini and its variations. Anything with runny red sauce and seafood at a good restaurant.
2. Sushi, sometimes especially Korean sushi served with Korean dishes and side dishes
3. Pizza, all kinds of authentico
4. Cake, but only dry crumbly types. Not moist cake. Unless you mean dry crumbly cake soaked in alcohol.

That's this week. But I also like various Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai noodle dishes, lots of cold foods and many foods I've only read about. Most of the time I obsess about my palate, which I think draws me towards foods that are sour, dry and salty, metallic, spicy . . .

Four places I’d rather be right now:

1. Visiting old friends.
2. On a bicycle ride with my family.
3. At the beach - any type, any weather.
4. On my porch, in weak sunlight.

No one beleives me when I say that, within some given perameters, I am indifferent to place and I think it is important to live well no matter where I am . . . and it's not true anyway. I'm much happier here than I was in the last place I lived. And I think I'd be slightly happier in

5. Philadelphia

Four websites I visit daily:

1. The New York Times

But that's it. I don't have this habit quite yet. I obviously love all the blogs on my little blogroll, but they'd know I as lying if I said I visited them everyday. If I took this literally I could add

2. PittCat, the catalog of the University of Pittsburgh Library System
3. IMDb
4. My personal, blog and school-related email accounts.

I'm periodically frustrated by, and very self conscious about, the fact that I don't have film-type sites or blogs that I keep up with, but I do like

5. Senses of Cinema
6. IndieWire

for interesting film info I can trust, in a hurry. You know what I'd like? I'd like to share Delicious lists with all my friends and readers. But maybe it's too much work and my friends don't seem that interested. I am always looking for recommendations . . .

Tagging Bloggers:

Well, I think everyone that reads this blog has been tagged by this meme already. Except maybe

1. Sepoy

and I hesistate to put people on the spot. My friends know this and it frustrates some of them because I never ask questions because I hate to pry and then it seems like I don't care but I do.

I apologize for the TMI, but I couldn't do it otherwise. And I told EL I would participate when she tagged me and then I found it all so difficult. This is the first time I've been tagged, and, unless I miss my guess, this will be the last. Ouch, it hurts.

UPDATE: I wanted to add this.

Four Places I've Lived:

Portland, OR
Parma, Italy

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Blogger sepoy said...

Hmm. I am terrible with memes. No promises...

Love the Haunting, tho.

9:45 PM  
Blogger mzn said...

Do you know the words to the M*A*S*H theme from the movie? I wouldn't want to sing that to myself very often.

12:02 AM  
Blogger zp said...

sepoy, you can "just say no," you know. i wish i had. because once i get started . . .

yes, mzn, i know the words to the movie theme and i don't ever sing them to myself. that's one of themes i just make expressive noises for, and happy ones at that . . . you know, there are also a few really annoying songs sung by louden wainright in the tv series, one of which puns, horribly, on the word "kimono" . . . and i am sure you know that louden is the father of little rufus, who was so shortly hip, and he (louden) appears in the final scene of the 40 year old virgin as the clergyman marrying the couple. odd business this.

also that alan alda is the son of robert alda who is in a few douglas sirk films, including imitation of life. and he appears twice, or maybe more, on mash, sometimes as hawkeye's father, sometimes as another kind of threatening authority figure. in one of the episodes the two do a surgery together, each with one injured arm and one good one.

the actor who plays henry blake appears on the golden girls (of course) and in tales of the city. in tales he's an old racist country club man. evil twin of henry blake.

somebody stop me. i am obsessed with my television friends . . .

11:17 AM  
Blogger mzn said...

I just saw 40-year-old virgin the other day (loved it!) and didn't notice Loudon in that scene. But I remember him fondly as Jay Baruchel's dad in Undeclared. Having never really gotten into M*A*S*H, though, I don't know the annoying songs you speak of.

1:41 PM  
Blogger zp said...

40-Year-Old Virgin. I thought it was so amazing, that the one humorous character still uncharted in the world was someone who hadn't had sex. My favorite part of the movie was that montage of quotidion sexual appeals . . . F&G's Ken/Seth let me down; his delivery was generally weak and stilted. Except for when he said he was a novelist and 40YOV said, I didn't know that. And Ken/Seth said that was because he wasn't an arrogant bastard. Or whatever. In the parking lot. That scene worked for me. And maybe the one where he was writing at home . . .

6:03 PM  
Blogger zp said...

ps. sepoy, i just read the "i'll be defending" note on your blog . . . you have no time for memes!! good luck tho' and if you actually do stop posting (hmmm), i'll certainly miss you . . .

6:07 PM  
Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

I heard about this on yet another Leo Laporte podcast, and remembered your meme4.


Not much in the way of long term interest. Although I am impressed he has been doing these 5 lists for almost 6 years since April 14th, 2002

6:41 PM  
Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

Er, make that 4 years.

6:42 PM  
Blogger zp said...

Interesting reading. Because this fellow and I share very different frames of reference. So I feel like I'm reading in a foreign language or foreign country and I recognize only, like, every fifth word.

10:14 PM  

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