Friday, January 20, 2006

jan 9 issue: the power of hair and the glow of the pig

Sometimes I say I hate the New Yorker, but I don't really mean it. But recently, I mean it, I hate the New Yorker.

This thing on hair restorations or whatever. I started reading it and got to the part about the videotapes, which is an interesting use of cinema, I guess. (Guys want to watch Scarface while having their hair transplanted, fascinating. Wait, no, I mean cliched and predictable.) But then I realized that I was reading about expensive, unnecessary surgical procedures and that made me mad because, you know, health care is in such a bad state, what with the old people needing to use a computer to get their medications. I might as well be reading about plastic surgery . . . I don't mean to be a bitch, I know this is a sensative issue. Hell, I'm losing hair. But this one time I vote we just get over it.

And what about the tanning industry. Actually, having read this far Benjamin and I did have a hilarious discussion of the possible "science of tanning" including the burning (ouch) question, "Do animals tan?" I think the answer we arrived at was that maybe pigs got sunburns.


PS. Speaking of pigs, I did, eventually, read that hog essay by Frazier a while back. Some parts funny, some parts cliche. I generally like things about development and natural/unnatural environments, so I liked that angle. My favorite point to make, when people start discussing how untenable it is to rebuild NO is to argue that none of the development we're currently pursuing in the US is sustainable . . . though I have to admit it IS taking less heating oil to keep Pittsburgh warm this winter, thanks to, I am sure, the mild weather produced by global warming. The price of the heating oil itself though is skyrocketing . . . I AM a curmudgeon this morning.


Blogger juniper pearl said...

people with little hairless dogs--you know, the chinese cresteds and the like--do have to put sunblock on them if they're going to be outside for a while. i think, though, that they skip the tanning phase and go straight to painful redness, much like myself.

don't hate the magazine, hate its insouciant writers. and i guess you can hate the editors, and probably the majority of the readers, who don't wish the articles were about more pressing issues… oh, hell, hate whatever you want.

2:27 PM  
Blogger zp said...

thanks for the hairless dogs info . . . and my hate spell has passed.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Term Papers said...

I think, though, that they skip the tanning phase and go straight to painful redness, much like myself.

1:08 AM  

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