Wednesday, May 31, 2006

more on the may 15 issue

Mitchell Zuckoff, Annals of Crime, The Perfect Mark. I read this all the way through, easily. I loved the emphasis on how vulnerable being an asshole can make you. Good story, well written.

Larry Doyle, Shouts and Murmurs, How Fred Flintstone Got Home, Got Wild, and Got a Stone Age Life. You'd think I'd hate Shouts and Murmurs, but I seem to have a weakness for them. You'd think I'd support coming of age "pastiche," but really, I think it's worth making fun of, if the making fun of is done well and I thought it was.

Anthony Lane on Mission:Impossible III. A waste of space, time and language. If it had been funny, or about another movie, or . . .



Blogger EL said...

Generally, I can't abide Shouts and Murmurs, but they sneak up on me sometimes, to my shock and unease. ;)

Did you read the piece on Herzog?

10:35 AM  
Blogger zp said...

I did not. I'd just seen a Herzog movie that I didn't love and I didn't feel like pushing myself . . . but then last night I was flipping through that issue and I found in the Herzog bio, "he revealed that he once jumped out of a third floor window in Pittsburgh." I wonder where?

10:21 AM  

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