Monday, June 05, 2006

june 8 nyrb and snappy metaphors part two

"Unlike Jacques Casanova but much like Dr. Kinsey, who was less interested in his own sexuality than in the meticulous observation of others', Buford is less a gourmand than a voyeur of chefs, a widely shared obsession to judge by the several books and televison shows on the subject and the 'professional' kitchens installed routinely by developers to exploit the culinary fantasies of upscale homebuyers."

Jason Epstein's review of Buford's Heat and Julia's My Life in France in the June 8 New York Review of Books.

I didn't read this, and I don't think I will. But as I was flipping through, the metaphor at the start of this sentence caught me. However, on typing it out, I realized that the metaphor I was grasping for in the last post was sort of along the lines of "It's like installing a professional kitchen to eat take out Chinese."


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