Thursday, June 28, 2007

a belated father's day issue

The July 2 issue has Shalom Auslander on Life with Alcoholic Orthodox Father, or, what happens in your head when 1/2 of the center of your moral universe drinks and swears and builds things. I didn't like the timing so much in this one, but the pain was pitch perfect.

Then Joan Acocella explores a series of father-son relationships via the life, work and drinking habits of the Waughs. I really don't care about the Waughs as writers (Chaucer? Really?), but the family stuff is neat.

I'm planning to read Auletta on the Wall Street Journal, but not Talbot on brain scans.

Oooo, and I just found my June 25 issue. First up, Lady Di. Taguba will just have to wait.



Blogger mzn said...

I've been moving too and am way behind on my magazine reading; I finally caught up with this issue yesterday. I liked Auslander better this time than the last, when he was sneaking off to hockey games. I think I would read a whole book of this sort of thing, especially with lots of untranslated Hebrew and Yiddish words.

11:28 AM  

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