Monday, June 26, 2006

ian frazier, the best poet in the nyer, ever.

I cried laughing reading Ian Frazier's "Caught" Shouts and Murmurs in the May 29 issue.

It's so brilliantly written that if you try to read it out loud the pace and rhythm of the language forces you to read it in this jerky, funny, stilted, rushed, neurotic, performative and cliched, yet totally intimate and familiar type-way.

And I love the whole concept. That stupid quote from Mayor Bloomberg. Corny yet opaque. But to take it as seriously as possible and try and work with it. Hilarious.

It is totally impossible to capture the brilliance of a first person monologue by a coyote who lived in NYC in one sentence, but I give you this so that if you have not read it, you will be inspired to hunt the article out of the bathroom, stack of things at your bedside, under the couch, what have you:

"This variety of sound also happens to be very terrifying to ducks, by the way."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we speak, I am trying to find an online copy of Ian Frazier's 'The New Poetry' (July 22, 2002) ... it is excellent and funny.

6:39 PM  

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