Saturday, June 30, 2007

Indiana Jones and The Architecture of Oppression

I went out for a jog this evening and it turned into rather a long thing as I was re-routed at every turn by the film crew for Indiana Jones 4, now filming in New Haven. Lots of vintage cars and guys in fedoras. I've seen them working across the street from the cemetery, and in the University Theater, but I think my favorite thing was when I went to make photocopies and send a fax from the copy shop on Chapel Street and found it was renovated into a retro-Woolworths. But still in business.

I really love living in a world where I don't have to take the photos. This is a good photo from one of my favorite flickr sets covering the event: Wonder-bunny's Indiana Jones in New Haven.

Also like: arjel's simple but lovely indianajones, jimmackay's indy4, LaurAndy's Ye Olde New Haven, andrew d miller's More like Old New Haven, Rodney Nelson's insider peek at the camera car via indianajonesiv and shummi06541's Indiana Jones in New Haven.

Title comes from one of my, uh, associates, who describes Yale's built space in this way.


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