Tuesday, August 04, 2009

hungry much?

I still haven't renewed my New Yorker subscription. But Lagusta has some tantilizing things to say about the Ariel Levy password protected profile of Nora Ephron.

And you know how I feel about Nora Ephron. And romantic comedies. And Julia. And Jacques. So I'd love to read this, if I can figure out a way to get my hands on it. Maybe I'll buy the issue at my favorite bookstore and then, finally, resubscribe.


Blogger marie said...

Nora Ephron says "I respect vegetarians, but I could never fall in love with one." Not so nice!

4:16 PM  
Blogger zoe p. said...

Honestly, Marie, once upon a time, I would have agreed. But now I am not sure.

Was this statement in both the New Yorker AND the NYT? I read it there:


7:03 PM  

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