Wednesday, June 01, 2011

geez louise

I read full articles on Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Taylor in VF this past weekend. I was at the beach, right? I've always loved Taylor's looks, at every age, in every way. But she's not that interesting, apparently. Except for the part about her using her celebrity to support early HIV/AIDS research.

In addition to The Fug Girls, I also read Tom & Lorenzo now and then and it annoyed me that they didn't realize that Katy Perry on VF cover (and, I think in one of the inside photos), was supposed to look like Liz Taylor. Not even like Liz Taylor, like photos of Liz Taylor in that very issue of VF.

And Hills. I constantly disagree with her political positions, but I admire her a bit.

But really, this post is about profanity at The New Yorker - stop briefly at old favorite languagehat and continue on to The Awl.


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