Saturday, February 05, 2011

this is why we have a subscription

Magical Dinners is right. Korean food, Thanksgiving memories, subscribers only! I loved this, especially the part about licking the mini blinds.

Vanity Fair/Sanity Air. Just in time for Valentine's day, a love letter from James Wolcott to NPR. Wolcott puts a finger on why so much NPR (ie, Ira Glass) bugs me - no spleen! But then he moves on to the good stuff. He calls our attention to "a feminism so integrally wired into the basic circuits that it can be taken for granted, until you start listening/watching/reading someplace else." Yes, it's a seventies feminism, but it's very important. And there's something very nice about the way he segues to reflecting on this feminism from his discussion of NPR as a sound medium.

And I just read the Munro story about the pair of college sweethearts.



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