Tuesday, July 05, 2005

the hitchhikers guide the galaxy

i liked this, more than the nyer - it was reviewed by Anthony Lane - and more than i thought i would. of course, the first 5 min are the best - a kind of dolphin musical. the whole thing feels very Jim Henson, in the best, most classic sense - especially the Vogons. i love how british they were. also i love Martin Freeman, from the BBC com The Office, though its just the same character, but actually less funny here in Arthur Dent. plus, i like a sci-fi movie with fairly well-used low tech effects. i think it shows a lot of creativity. and finally, i liked the interpretation of the guide itself - again, low tech but expressive.

the new yorker at its best? when anthony lane trashed the latest Star Wars. it was a kind of intimate and prententious spleen let loose on an obvious, but worthy target. and he was thorough - plot, dialog, action, set, ethics, everything a movie's got . . . that was in the May 23 issue. the greatest thing about this review - a Mormon girlfriend of mine found it so funny she was on the verge on quoting Lane mocking Yoda, "Break me a fucking give." she didn't, but she wanted to, which was cute. she never swears.



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