Friday, November 11, 2005

reasons #58-60 to consider leaving Pittsburgh

Reason #58: The Fox Chapel Area High School Halloween Costume and Class-Consciousness Controversy. The comments are an ongoing saga of poor spelling and name-calling. Thanks to Bernstein, and to Pittsburgh Dish for covering this so well, and responding so well to the wretched comments. Reading the comments, I feel guilty for blogging semi-anonymously and for my sloppy punctuation. But that is the least of their offenses. And I know obnoxious high schoolers are not unique to the Pittsburgh area.

Reason #59: The McCarthy-esque Witch Hunt held at Pitt. Though this, too, I think is a national problem - the conservative students at the university (not nearby) where I teach were taking names and numbers recently. They must have all gotten some sort of directive from right-wing HQ. And this is obviously a state-wide thing. Thanks to Michael Berube, at Penn State, for alerting me. No thanks to bloggers in the Pittsburgh area for not alerting me. Did I miss something?

Reason #60: I take shit like this so personally. Yes, it's a New Yorker cartoon.

And I thought it was such a beautiful place to avoid a crassly consumptive lifestyle while enjoying fairly good urban infrastructure and ruminating on the violence of capitalism and post-industrialization. Ah well. My mistake.

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Blogger xradiographer said...

oh sure YOU take it personally but its not as though you live in Scranton or anything

1:40 PM  
Blogger zp said...

Scranton . . .

. . . at least it's in Pennsylvania. I've lived in Pittsburgh and Philly (and I am, really, fond of both) and I think Pennsylvania knows some important secrets.

7:21 AM  

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