Monday, November 07, 2005

thai cuisine, bloomfield

Although I've mentioned elsewhere that this place is (or was) going through a mediocre phase, we went this weekend anyway. Just to check. And I thoroughly enjoyed my winter curry. The food reminds me of My Thai, in Philly, which I always liked. The curry contained an orange squash with a stronger flavor and deeper color than any of the acorn squash I've bought locally, and it was cooked with the skin on and the skin was dark and super tender and edible and totally suffused with the spicy milky coconut goodness of the sauce. I wonder what kind of squash it was? Any thoughts? I've already pestered Haverchuk with this question . . . FYI Pittsburghers, it's the more sitdown Thai place on Liberty Ave, further up the hill, not the more take-out place, further down.

Of course the meal wasn't entirely perfect. A waiter was emphatically trying to persuade a pair of diners that they should call 911 and report the license plate numbers of people in their neighborhood that they suspected of "dealing drugs." I'm not into no snitching, but this seemed a little fascist-vigilante, given the circumstances. Thai Cuisine is still a place where you cannot avoid hearing the conversations of those around you, alas. My Thai in Philly does not have this problem. In fact, it has a very sound absorbent decor.

We've made the acorn squash lasagna again. Now with a handful of toasted walnuts thrown into the food processor and no honey, as my squash seemed more flavorful this time around. Good call. Also, with a little less parmigiano reggiano and Barilla lasagna noodles instead of DeCecco. Not so smart. Where parmigiano reggiano is concerned, less is not more. And DeCecco lasagna noodles are still the best. Barilla shredded while boiling and turned grey while baking.

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Blogger mzn said...

Were those the no-boil Barillas? I hate them.

I have had the squash you're talking about but I'm not sure what it's called. I'm on the case.

The lasagne sounds nice. Must try it.

7:20 PM  
Blogger zp said...

The were traditional boil noodles but came out like no-boil noodles, damp, mushy and discolored. I've never had any luck with no-boil and generally think that if such a thing were culinarily viable someone would have invented them long ago.

1:47 PM  
Blogger the chocolate lady said...

Might the squash have been a buttercup or hokkaido pumpkin? Was the skin dark green?

1:23 AM  
Blogger zp said...

very dark green. google image on both didn't cinch it either way. too bad there is no google taste for me to research. thanks for the suggestions.

i'll buy these if i see them and puzzle it out.

9:47 AM  
Blogger the chocolate lady said...

Oh, I betcha it's kabocha. Like buttercup but without the yarmulke on the blossom end. The Greta Garbo of squash--finely grained, densely textured, utterly without stringiness.

3:08 AM  
Blogger zp said...

"The Greta Garbo of squash--finely grained, densely textured, utterly without stringiness."

I think that's it! Densely textured! Utterly without stringiness! Thank you, Chocolate Lady !!

This would go better in my LibraryThing catalog, but I'll put it here for fun,

From Bela Balazs, Theory of the Film "Greta Garbo's beauty is a beauty which is in opposition to the world of today."

The other-worldly beauty of the curried squash . . .

7:28 AM  
Anonymous skin boil said...

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3:30 PM  

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