Tuesday, January 03, 2006

home sweet home, another angle.

gingerbread from Madame Librarian
Originally uploaded by zpa.
Something happened to the roof. You can tell it is our house because of the tiled archway over the door . . . I left Madame Librarian's with an intense sugar high and then me and my partner in crime at the whole thing in about 48 hours.

FYI, I was the only person at the party without a kid to help. Shameless.

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Blogger mzn said...

I was going to post the following comment and was sidetracked and came back to find you have a new post on F&G which I must read twice, think about, and respond to, so in the meantime:

Nice gingerbread houses, zp.

Did you read the article about baldness cures in a recent NYer issue? Or the one about the Alzheimer's researchers? As one of a large extended family that claims both many bald men and a history of Alzheimer's, I wondered as I read both of these articles whether someone unaffected by the issues at hand would find them as engaging as I did. Neither article is analytical in any kind of satisfying way and both squander too much attention on not-so-interesting personalities (a typical NYer flaw). And yet I keep thinking about both of them.

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