Friday, June 30, 2006

insert Nietzsche joke here.

Having spent all my Nietzsche and food energies on that "Happy Hour" pun awhile back, I have little will to mock Woody Allen's "Thus Ate Zarathustra." But I will draw our attention to that fact that there is not one, but two mentions of Nietzsche's superman in the July 3 issue. Lane brings it up in his review of the movie of that name. I tried to imagine one of my fictional "overheard in the new yorker" scenarios involving an impromptu debate between Lane and Allen (possibly named "The Ass Festival" and moderated by Acocella) on what, exactly, was humorous about the popular uses and misuses of the terminology, concepts and logic of Nietszche's superman in contemporary society but I couldn't quite make it happen. Suffice it to say they are, of course, both right but I laughed out loud at neither.

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