Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do you read The New Yorker?

Interesting news regarding Kindle-iPad-paper subscriptions to The New Yorker. I can't tell if the threat of censorship from Apple is real or no but apparently, "We're going to publish what we're going to publish," Mr. Remnick said. "If the Pentagon isn't going to talk me out of a story, then Apple in Cupertino isn't going to either. If they throw me off, they throw me off."

I like the bit from the commenter, too, "as S.J. Perelman reportedly said to James Thurber when asked about The New Yorker's social purpose, moral perspective, and aesthetic obligation: 'Jeezus, Jim, it's just another ten-cent magazine.'" I've never heard that one.

Remember, summer is here and the beach has sand, water, sun and all kinds of things that make the reading of screens difficult and dangerous.

Also, I just this week gave away my New Yorker archive CDs . . .


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