Thursday, August 18, 2005

the best lasagne noodles yet

Ciao, Ragazzi.

My favorite lasagne noodles that I've found so far are . . . De Cecco. Yes, you have to boil them first. But you do so in enough water and they are soft and sweet and rich and very wide. In celebration of the slightly cooler weather we made a spinach lasagne this week. You can buy them at PennMac, but also at most regular grocery stores too.

Most amazing, though, in the dubious tradition of pasta (multi?) nationalism, is the multi-lingual De Cecco website, where you can still send e-cards, each with a pasta themed image of an Italian tourist attraction and a recipe. Anyone else notice how elaborate and beautiful so many Italian websites are? There's an amazing website for the Chaplin archive too.




Blogger Eli said...

The Leaning Tower Of Pasta, I presume?

2:38 AM  

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