Wednesday, July 26, 2006

my new favorite thing in pittsburgh

god loves clean underwear
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I love a lot of things in this photo; the big window with the little panes, the outdoor window shade I found in the basement that now screens out my neighbor in his undies, the ficus tree Benj gave me in college (left), the porch in general, Pittsburgh's fabulous summer weather (not nearly as muggy as the East Coast).

But most of all I love a laundry service that picks up and delivers and does undies - The Laundry Factory. And it's not even my laundry. I love the fact that Benj has been freed of the loads and loads of laundry he used to do day, night and weekends. The rates are reasonable as far as that goes, but pick and deliver is only $5 more.

I send my things too, but it just so happens I have way way fewer clothes than my partner in crime. Clothes horse!

And it's not like we ever folded our own laundry. That's priceless, as they on the commercials. So I can file this under thrift.

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Blogger the chocolate lady said...

What was it Johnson said about Smart? Something like "He does not like clean linen; I have no passion for it myself." I love that, but on this one, I have to side with you and against Dr. J.
Ah, clean linen!

1:12 PM  
Blogger zp said...

No wonder the 18th C has such a bad reputation for cleanliness. Clearly when he said "linen" he didn't even mean bedsheets.

Which leads me to another thought:

Walter: Take the ringer Dude, I'll drive.

Dude: What the hell is this?

Walter: My dirty undies, Dude. Laundry. The whites.

Oh, and madness ensues . . .

9:41 AM  

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