Tuesday, April 08, 2008

something glossier - VF 4/2008

Or, letting it all hang out.

I really, really liked Robert Frank in China. Something about guys that age. And it was so well written and so about nothing much. Read it, if only online.

I also read something about Bush trying to be all clever with Palestine, and Bilmes and Stiglitz estimation of the real cost of the war. The latter was smart in content, but what I was paying attention to was form - how well they excerpted from a larger work, The Three Trillion Dollar War. They're all over the place, doing this, but practice makes perfect, I guess.

I picked up the April Vanity Fair because of the funny ladies thing, but that was totally slight and not at all funny. I liked the photographs. Not the one on the front, so much as the tarts inside. My favorite photo, the one set in a hotel room, you have to see in the actual magazine.

And Ingrid Sichy on Calvin Klein. The history of a man who sold water, underwear and jeans at above market prices. Among other scams. Read between the lines, if you read it at all.

I also had the opportunity to read the controversial Vogue and a random issue of Self. See thoughts (and links) at Electric Warrior. For the record, I don't think the cover image was inadvertent, and I do think every body looks good in a bikini.


Blogger Raquel Laneri said...

Okay. Good point. Those women are rockin' the two-pieces.

And VF needs to work on their covers b/c the last two issues I have gotten in the mail and I had no interest in even opening them. I had no idea there was a piece on Robert Frank! Or on Calvin Klein!

Btw, I completely agree with you on that Calvin Klein article.

7:53 AM  
Blogger zp said...

I think if I had a subscription to VF, I'd read considerably less of it. It's always a good deal, but I always turn it down . . . because if I actually buy an issue for the newsstand price, usually while travelling, I am sure to squeeze all the good stuff out of it.

The Vogue I found in the back seat pocket of the train!! When all I'd brought with me was work!!

11:56 AM  

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