Thursday, October 13, 2005

segregated dining, McGee Women's Hospital

Has anyone else who has visited or worked at the hospital noticed this? I heard this from a friend . . .

The unhealthy, but more affordable cafeteria is frequented by the less well-paid staff and patients and the more healthy, but overpriced snack bar is frequented by the doctors and wealthier patients?

And this is in a hospital. The Penn Hospital in Philly actually had a McDonalds in it.

Its shit like this that really gets to me. Why are they serving unhealthy food at all? And why are they pricing it differently? This isn't a for-profit enterprise and when you are work, or visiting at the hospital, you don't really have all that much choice and/or you are possibly going way into debt for medical bills to begin with.

Tell me it isn't so.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me first state that the foodservice is run by an international foodservice company that is for profit. The menus are not made for "sick" patient, they are made for families and most familes like "junk" food. That is why the menu is unhealthy, because it sells, the health menu is more expensive due to the fact the health food cost more to make and are more labor intense then tossing a burger on the grill. Food at both palaces are tasty. Next time when you are in McDonalds look at the price of a grilled chicken sandwhich compared to a burger. A burger is a dollar and the chicken is 3 dollars. It is the same anywhere, the price for a salad is ridulous!

11:45 AM  
Blogger zp said...

I think I am critical of the idea that a hospital would contract with a for-profit foodservice. If healthy foods are more expensive to make and serve than unhealthy foods (and you're right, the price of a salad is almost always ridiculously higher than less-healthy options) I would expect a hospital to subsidise healthy options (some hospitals do) and to not serve unhealthy options at all.

11:23 AM  

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