Monday, October 24, 2005

lost: grey wool hat at squirrel hill theater

Lost on Saturday, October 22 at the 5.20 showing of History of Violence at the Cinemagic Squirrel Hill Theater on Forward Ave. It looked a little like this, only heather grey, not plaid. The hat itself was bigger, the brim was wider too. But this distinguished hat differed from the standard crusher and fedora by the way the wedge shaped pieces were sown together on the cap. Like this one here.

I looked like Donald Sutherland in M*A*S*H* people. I'll give you the corduroy newsboy I just bought at Goodwill. I cannot move on . . .

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Anonymous jet said...

Oh man, that's a cool hat. Sadly I don't think it's coming back, but I'll hold out hope for you.

6:43 PM  
Blogger zp said...

strangely, these "lost" posts get a lot of visitors. so in case you're wondering, i found the hat! and there is photo of the actual hat, and not a dinky stand in, here. and thanks for your concern . . .

10:33 AM  

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