Wednesday, October 04, 2006

with bonus cinematic culinary metaphor

This one works the other way, the kitchen as understood through the film: "a Hobart mixer with a vaguely menacing air, like the hooded mother beast in Aliens." (73)

This quotation is from the same article (discussed below) which, by the way, was quite erroneously titled, "The Lunchroom Rebellion, An haute-cuisine chef goes back to school." Unless by "rebellion" they mean when the kids refused the spelt and veggie pizza and wrote Cooper that "petition." (77) If by "rebellion" they mean Cooper's crusade or military coup or whatever they should say so. Never mind the legal and religious connotations of "petition" . . .

And surely they mean Alien 3, where the alien is at it's most hooded and metallic? Ann Cooper wishes she was as tough and heroic as Ripley. And as misunderstood as Falconetti. But she is so not.

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