Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cheap bulletin board, amateur food porn

Two cheap solutions:

(1) This bulletin board (although not, strictly, in my line of site from the computer, unless I have eyes in the back of my head) is a good alternative to just sticking things into the wall. These are interlocking foam squares, usually placed on the floor and, at $1/sq foot, quite a deal. You may have seen these in smaller dimensions and kid colors, but its the same principle. Unlike, say, regular old cardboard (which I considered) this foam holds push pins very well.

Note to juniper pearl, I've reinstated my it's reminder, I'm afrail I'll never commit this to memory . . .

I just nailed these to the wall, but you could mount them more carefully with a drill, plastic anchors, drywall screws and washers. I might do this if the current method doesn't hold.

(2) If you're not shy or impatient or uptight, you might like Freecycle. It's a yahoo group where people post things they are giving away for free - there are separate groups all over the country. You can respond and arrange to pick the things up, or offer your own cast-offs. I got this very attractive and fully functional food processor.

I've never had one, nor has anyone I've ever lived with or any family member . . . I guess we're not afraid to chop . . . But this worked like charm mashing up baked acorn squash (not much of a challenge, but I'm starting slow). On top you see garlic, honey, cinnamon, sage, salt and pepper added . . . for a kind of tortelli di zucca lasagna from Everyday Food. Plus it is cute as a button. And its buttons are very cute.

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Blogger juniper pearl said...

i, too, would be afrail if i couldn't remember the difference between possessives and contractions. at least, i think i would; i'm not completely sure what it means.

*ahem* if you're keeping track, seƱor nemesis, that's joon 2, and zp holding steady with his phonetically predestined score of 0.

i have cork squares on my walls (three next to my computer, four over my bed and one over the door). they cost a little more than your foam, but i like the look of them better. they make my life so sweet. i tack everything to them, particularly reviews of movies or books or albums that i'm sure i'll forget about the second i start reading something else. my roommate thinks it's chaotic, but i've found it to be a highly functional system.

7:41 PM  
Blogger mzn said...

Wow, a free food processor with cute buttons. I'd like one of those. Hope to see more of what you whiz in there.

9:40 PM  
Blogger femme feral said...

acorn squash is magic food

3:56 AM  

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