Sunday, June 15, 2008

Overinformed Uncles and Other Patres Familias

Jeffrey Toobin on Roger Stone and George Packer on "The Fall of Conservatism" made an interesting pair of essays. Or they would have if I'd read the whole Stone thing [I'm reading more of it, out of order, in the bathroom], but it was dull, or he was or something; the New York Magazine summary of the article is snappier.

George Packer (who may or may not have a tattoo of David Brooks on his back) held my interest but I began to wonder somewhere along the line exactly what percentage of the essay was quotes from Brooks. A large percentage, anyway.

On a more personal note, I firmly believe that the NYT was baiting me with that minute by minute parenting article (and the insane piano photo) on the front page. I don't care how many days they leave it up there, I will not read it. But exactly how stupid is it? You tell me.


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