Friday, September 17, 2010

Ms. The Boat

I got the New Yorker with Jane Mayer on the Koch brothers and I thought to myself, "Yawn. Libertarian bazillionaires convincing the public to vote against their own interests? What else is new?? I'm so not reading that." Well, I guess didn't have to. Cuz it got plenty of coverage from Maddow and Goodman and the NYT in the ensuing weeks. Sometimes I am just so clueless about what is important news.

Speaking of Maddow and Goodman, I was feeling overwhelmed by their hysterical economics coverage when suddenly, via the New Yorker's Political Scene podcast, I heard a nice, level-headed conversation taking place in (mostly) dulcet tones, between Dorothy Wickenden and John Cassidy. Deep breath of fresh air.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, I SO agree about the Koch thing. I read the whole thing, then was like....and this is news? Rich people are horrible and want to control the world and bend it to their will? But, sadly, I think it IS still news. And how depressing is that?

7:10 AM  

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